JC spotting...

I had to pull over and take a picture with Jesus Christ.  It's not everyday that I run into him, so it's a good thing I had my camera with me just incase no one believed me.

Guadalupe was in the corner - she's handless.

The Guild

My sis and her neighbor Kathy at the 1 year anniversary of The Guild.  Kathy grew up with the owner Paul Basile.  Magazine 944 snapped a shot of us during the event.  
The food was amazing!  Great art work, live music and they made us cute rings from their metal studio in the back.

New doorway Hurray!

Finally joined the 2 studios together - Thanks Darin Lane for all your hardwork!

Chalkboard Punishment

"I will finish what I start."
(Close Up of 4'x4' panel)

Portrait shots...

During Open Studios in April, Jay Reilly snapped a couple of fun shots of me.  Thanks Jay!