The Mighty-Tighty-Whitey!

Yes, that's exactly what it is - your Pop's T.W. modeled by Kekichi Honna.  
Although, no up-cycling here - these babies are new and have never touched a waist.
(Model can be booked via Studio LAB)

The Smart Car PiƱata!

The Smart Car to debut this Saturday 9.27.08 at Miriello Graphico in Barrio Logan, SD

Dachshund heaven!

I don't think there is any where on earth that has as many sausage dogs per capita as in Cuba.  
My guess is that doxies happen to be the "popular" dog during the revolution in 1959.  Since then they just keep multiplying making them the most common dog seen in Cuba.  There are even homeless dachshunds!!!  Too sad.  Anyhow, here are some of Dayron's neighbors with their little sausages.

Reinventing the Wheel

Keikichi and I have been invited to participate in a really fun show with a group of amazing artisans.  The show will be in San Diego's Barrio Logan.  Please check out Sanctuary 143 for details.  (The above commissioned portraits are by Mia Pacheco).

Sanctuary 143
Saturday, September 27, 7-11pm
1660 Logan Avenue

The Artists:
Acamonchi, Thatcher, Josh Higgins, Jorge Tellaeche, Gabriel Salcedo, Keikichi Honna, Sandee Manuel, Sean Ward, Amy Burkhart, Jeff Faeth, Stacy Kelley, Tocayo, Sean Kelly, Ron Miriello, Tony Greene, and Aki Kaneko.

OCM at The Renegade Craft Fair!

The Renegade Craft Fair

The Oceanside Craft Mafia founders:
The fabulous Alicia Hanson of Hi Octane and Leah Mirbaba of Peez & Ques will be peddling their hot wares this weekend at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  An event not to be missed!