Open Studios!

This weekend Keikichi and I opened our studio for the Days of Art in Oceanside.  We met a lot of interesting people and the 2 day event was a success.  

Me, My Aunt Rosa and Mom Sonia

Mother's Day Market!

Hey all - check out this months market - I'm under Studio LAB!

Studio Visit...

My sis, her buddy Rana and a bunch of their offspring came by for a photo shoot - I'm doing their portraits this week.
My SF cousin Miguel also stopped by for his portrait.

(check out his blog:

Jewelry Crazy!

I made a bunch of rosary necklaces - actually my aunt had a bunch of blessed rosaries she gave me.  I took off JC and added black agate.  It's to be worn backwards with the longer part to the back.

sea glass!

So I just got into jewelry this week and have been addicted to making earrings from sea glass that I've collected over the years.